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We’ve prepared a short tour of the most common questions

For online or in location classes:

Yoga is both revered and seen with some skepticism. With an open mind, though, one can judge for oneself if this ancient practice is suitable or not.
Read below and decide what is best for yourself.

Yoga is an ancient Indian tradition in permanent development offering different sets of techniques for people who want to gain better physical, mental and emotional health, performance and fulfilment. Yoga gives the seeker a path toward a better version of his self. Yoga unites various schools focusing on different aspects of the physical body and the spiritual body, having in common the same destination: reaching the higher version of your being.

Yoga is not a religion at all. It’s an ancient science of breathing and meditating, while being in the same time a philosophy. It takes you on a journey towards your inner self, where you can find the answers you can not find in the outside world.

Yoga is a daily practice by tradition. When you’re beginning, we advise you to practice yoga at least once a week when integrated with other types of physical activity and when not, twice a week. The growing benefits over time will show your body the frequency of yoga practice that’s right for you.

Kundalini Yoga is a concept developed and taught by Yogi Bhajan since the 1970’s, that helps you experience your higher self through a specific system of Kriyas (practice guidelines), combining asana (postures), mudras (the yoga of hands), mantras, pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation.

Hatha Yoga is focused on the physical body and its health, striving to build the strength and flexibility of the body in order to make space for the breath. Once the breath can move with no restraint, it leads you towards pranayama (breathing techniques), healing the subtle body, preparing oneself for meditation and higher states of consciousness. Hatha Yoga classes with emphasis on asana (posture) and breathing techniques will bring overall well-being and health throughout the body and greater strength, flexibility, relaxation and concentration.

Kundalini Yoga combines all 3 aspects—breath, postures and meditation—from the start, in order to maintain a healthy spine, supporting and strengthening the nervous and glandular systems. After a Kundalini yoga class one can become much more aware about the inherent strength of the body and begin the journey of emotional and spiritual change and transformation.

Recommending a specific type of yoga is challenging because it depends on your specific needs: physical, emotional or mental. The first step would be to join an online class or come to our studio location and try a class. One of the most important aspects in this practice is the personal connection of the student with the teacher. There are some guidelines you can follow. For example, if you are an active person with an agitated mind you might first want to try Hatha, Kundalini, Ashtanga or Vinyasa. If you are more of an introvert who has a deeper connection with his/her inner self and are more on the energetic side of practice, you could try classes like Restorative, Yin or Kundalini Yoga.

Being a physical practice, we recommend that you have your last meal at least 2 or even 3 hours prior, if it’s a heavy meal. If you are very hungry, you can eat some fruits, or some other light food. Remember not to drink too much water before or during the yoga session. It is also recommended to wait a while before eating and drinking after finishing a yoga class.

Yoga is practiced in comfortable clothes and barefoot, so T-shirts or tank tops, sports pants, stretchy for women or shorts for men. You can change your clothes in our changing rooms upon arrival. Remove heavy or tight jewellery.

If you practice at home an online class or even in the studio make sure you wear comfortable clothing, a yoga mat, yoga blocks or a few books, one or two pillows and a blanket. Depending on the type of yoga class chosen you might need this equipment. The place you choose to practice yoga in should be clean, quiet and pleasant.

Yes, you will need to register on our website for reservation and online payment. If you encounter any challenges you can of course contact us directly by phone +40735981239.

Yoga teaches us to give up expectations and to accept what’s coming. Until we reach that state, we can enjoy a feeling of wellbeing as a balance between body and mind. You’ll feel your body stretching, but without getting intense muscle soreness. You’ll feel a mental relaxation and an inner strength, while the world around will see the glow in your eyes and the vibrancy in your presence as you keep practicing.

If booking an online class, make sure that you listen to your body while practicing, follow the teachers guidance and make sure that you do not strain your body over your limits, as the instructor is not responsible for any potential injuries as you are not supervised directly and in person. Our teachers do their best even teaching online giving verbally adjustments to each participant for practicing safely. Even, if it is an online class or event, our teachers do their best in giving verbally adjustments to each participant for practicing safely.

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Depending on your personal health issues, there might be some postures you have to avoid or modify, so please communicate to the instructor your body health, in case she or he forgets to ask.

Please register and pay online, to reserve your spot for any of our sessions.To become a member check out our weekly classes.

We recommend you to take it easy during the first days of menstruation because it is an energy-demanding time for the body. If pregnant, it is better to wait until the end of the first trimester and then you can start practicing until the last trimester of pregnancy. You must communicate with the instructor about your current state so that they can suggest specific adaptations of postures.

Please check our terms & conditions policy.

Be sensitive to how you feel. Never perform yoga under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. If you take any medication, please consult with your yoga teacher or doctor about the combination of medication(s) and yoga. When performing yoga you will encounter happiness and wellbeing but also sometimes resistance and fear. If you become emotional during or after a yoga class, please know that this can happen often and you have the option to talk with your teacher about it.

Please listen in to how you feel each day. Let the breath be your guide. Respect your limits. Carry your yoga practice with respect for yourself and for your environment.